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About Construction company Oskam - Bunnik B.V.

"Get On With The Job!": that's one way to sum up the ethos of our construction company. That was the case 80 years ago, and nothing has changed since. Whatever your project we will help you carry it out in the best, cleverest and most pleasurable way possible. Is "pleasurable" important then? Of course: if the work is pleasurable you can see that in the finished result. It's simply better. We love a challenge, we gladly accept responsibility and we are never "just doing our job".
Our motivation: to leave you more than satisfied. Then you'll come back to us.

Worth noting: “Get On With The Job!” doesn’t mean we just want to get on as quickly as possible with the construction work. Rather the opposite: you’ll not find many others in our line of work who carry out such extensive calculations and work planning as we do. We think through the project down to the last detail before we make a start on the building.

Always smarter, always better

There’s a simple reason for this approach. The better, the smarter and the more detailed the planning, the better the implementation. The result is that we rarely fail to stay on schedule, overstep the budget or run into unpleasant surprises during the completion of the work, unless something really extraordinary happens.

We love a challenge

You’ll never hear us say “we always do it this way”. Every project is unique, so the approach has to be different each time too. We don’t much enjoy repetitive work, we like a challenge. So we look every time to see if things could be done better, quicker or smarter. That applies to the construction process itself, but also to the associated processes. For example: how can we combine deliveries of materials in such a way as to minimise the transport operations and achieve maximal efficiency on site?

Always a solution

We are a curious bunch, we like to learn something new every day. So we go on courses, we talk to colleagues and hired-in specialists who tell us all the ins and outs of their trade. We are early adopters of new techniques. For example we have been printing out all kinds of items on a 3D printer, we have had our own recording app for a long while now, and we have a 360° camera to take images which are always of great interest to clients.

In short: we innovate, we think along with you, we will always go the extra mile to find a solution, no matter how complex the problem.

Experts in all areas of construction

Along with all that there is the power of the consortium. We are part of the Oskam – Bunnik Construction Group. We have our own joinery workshops, our own plumbing and installation company and our own roofing company. So we are at home in any area of the construction business. Our common aim? To make you as the client so happy that you never go anywhere else.


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