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Planning a new building? We can help you to complete the job in the smartest, best and most enjoyable manner possible. We've included "enjoyable" on this list, because we see building something new as an exciting adventure. You can have it made just the way you want it, and that can be a great pleasure. For that reason you can always rely on us not simply to "do our job". Every new-build project is special, so that's how we deal with them. We feel we have a responsibility to deliver the best possible results, with a smooth construction process and pleasant collaboration.

Our motivation: to leave you more than satisfied. Then you'll come back to us.

One way we set ourselves apart from other building companies is the amount of time we put into the planning. So we may be later than you are used to in making a start on site, but once the building work starts we will be prepared down to the last detail. The result: speedy completion, a smooth process and delivery on time and within budget.

We love a challenge

You’ll never hear us say “we always do it this way”. Every project is unique, so the approach has to be different each time too. We don’t much enjoy repetitive work, we like a fresh challenge. So we look every time to see if things could be done better, quicker or smarter. That applies to the construction process itself, but also to the associated processes. For example: how can we combine deliveries of materials in such a way as to minimise the transport operations and achieve maximal efficiency on site?

We work in close collaboration with our own joinery workshops, our own plumbing and installation company and our own roofing company. So we know that we always have the expertise of true specialists on hand. Together we are at home in every aspect of construction.

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