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It doesn't bear thinking about: a major leak due to a blocked roof drain, damp problems due to cracks in the façade or wood rot in window frames because painting hasn't been carried out in good time. The damage caused can easily outweigh the cost of good and timely maintenance.

We can help you by drawing up and implementing a sound maintenance schedule. We will ensure that painting, maintenance of installations, the roof, the façade and all other maintenance your building requires are carried out at the right moment.

Do you often leave it too long before carrying out maintenance? You are not alone! Too often maintenance is not at the top of the “to do” list. And if it is at the top of the list that is often because it is already too late. Because there has been damage, the central heating has broken down or the paint is peeling off the windows.

We understand. It is not always easy to determine the best time to schedule maintenance. Considerations of cost mean that you won’t want to do it too soon, and thereby too often. We will be delighted to draw up a Long Term Maintenance Plan for you, keeping your building free of damage and maintaining its value. And of course our services are competitively priced. Where there are opportunities for saving energy and increasing sustainability, we will include that in our recommendations.

The power of the consortium

We are part of the Oskam – Bunnik Construction Group, giving us access to our own joinery workshops, our own plumbing and installation company and our own roofing company. So whatever work your building may require – maintenance of a central heating system, a roof or a façade, painting work or replacement of fascia boards – you can count on the expertise of professionals.

Our common aim? To make you as the client so happy that you never go anywhere else.

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