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Is your building in need of renovation? You've come to the right place. Every renovation project is unique, so the approach has to be different each time too. And that's precisely how we like to do things: to look every time to see what can be done better and smarter, and which approach will best suit the project.

We also have our own joinery workshops, our own plumbing and installation company and our own roofing company. We are experts in all areas of construction, and that is a tremendous advantage in the case of renovation work, as exemplified by the fantastic traditional techniques employed in our joinery workshops.

Our approach is characterised by transparency and exceptionally thorough preparation. Renovation work in particular can throw up some surprises, for example when removing a floor or ceiling. So we think through every renovation project in great detail in advance, as well as ensuring that we are always able to respond flexibly to any changes.

We provide clear communications about the schedule and the costs and do whatever we can to limit the disturbance caused by our work.

Sustainability and energy savings

A renovation project can be an ideal opportunity to consider the possibility of adding sustainability to your building; the installation of insulation for example, if we are working on your floors, roofs or facades. In this way we can provide a pleasant indoor climate for you, while also delivering energy savings. Our close collaboration with our own joinery workshops, our plumbing and installation company and our roofing company mean that we can quickly call on their services and find smart solutions.

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